As a business, you now have the opportunity to extend the life cycle of your IT hardware by 4-5 years. You will gain big savings on your IT budget and get one of the best service agreements on the market. It makes a lot of sense to extend your data center's life cycle from an economical, operational, and environmental standpoint. By extending the life cycle instead of renewing, we are saving resources and gaining more operational stability.

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Our technicians will arrive within four hours and will have the essential spare parts no matter how many different brands of hardware you have in your datacenter. That is why we are a strong alternative to a manufacturer's service.

Our starting point is your need and not inflated manufacturer service prices that aim to push you to invest in new hardware before you even need it. Take control of your datacenter and do not let manufacturers' desire for selling new hardware dictate when you should upgrade.

  • Global third party maintenance
  • Customized SLAs
  • Global access to several forward stocking locations
  • A network of skilled datacenter technicians
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A Global Third Party Maintenance Partner

It is important for us to be where our customers are – we are globally represented and have developed a global deliverance organization. That is why we can be your global service partner and help with maintenance, spare parts service, and logistics – all of high quality. Our local warehouse has more than 3,500 square meters and 100,000 parts in stock and we have access to several forward stocking locations and a global partner network of skilled technicians. This is your guarantee for fast support that keeps your datacenter hardware running.

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More Than 40 Years of Service

For more than 40 years, Nordic Computer has extended the life cycle and reduced CO2 in datacenters. We are a global third-party maintenance partner who can assist you with servers, storage and network equipment, in which we provide a quality service.

  • HPE, IBM, DELL, Fujitsu, Lenovo, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco, Juniper
  • We have no "end-of-service". We service your equipment until you don't need it anymore
  • You only need one service agreement, regardless of how many manufacturer brands you have in your datacenter
  • We extend the life cycle of servers, storage, tape, and network equipment
  • We have 24/7 support
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Full Support – Your Insurance

Service is at the core of Nordic Computer. You will get full support, which means we are completely responsible for the service, providing the necessary spare parts and sending out a technician within four hours. With full support you will always be good to go with thoroughly tested hardware.
We handle the whole process from receiving the ticket to the final report. Our competent technicians check the error diagnostics and identify the right spare part. Afterwards, you will get an on-site visit from our technician and lastly you will receive a report.

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Multi Vendor Third Party Maintenance

Spare Parts Service – Multi Brand

Nordic Computer’s Spare Parts Service ensures high quality and delivery on time. Our big multi-brand warehouse has more than 100,000 unique spare parts and our smaller warehouses guarantee one of the best Spare Parts Service on the market. Our customers all over the world praise our
precise delivery of spare parts.
When subscribing to a Spare Parts Service Agreement, you are guaranteed delivery of the necessary spare parts – in the agreed-upon time. If you can replace the spare part yourself, you must do so.

Why Choose Spare Parts Service?

  • Transparent costs on spare parts consumption for your service agreements
  • OpEx vs CapEx
  • Simple sourcing model
  • Reduced warehouse and logistics costs
  • Nordic Computer will ensure the availability of correct spare parts
  • High flexibility. Assets can be added and removed from SPS on a monthly basis
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Storage Maintenance

Managing contracts and services can be challenging, but with our Storage Service you will have everything in one service agreement. Our Storage Service contains support and tracing in one place for storage systems across multiple brands.

You can save up to 70% compared to OEM costs and additionally get a solution that matches your needs. You are guaranteed support across the world because of our global network of technicians and support that can help where and when you need it.

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  • IBM: StorWize, DS-series, N-series, FlashSystem, XIV, SVC, TS-series
  • Lenovo: DE-series, DM-series
  • NetApp: FAS-series, E-series, F-series, GF-series, SA-series, V-series
  • Sun Oracle: StoreEdge, StorageTek
  • Dell EMC: VNX, Data Domain, Unity, VMAX, Isilon, XtremIO, Clariion, Celerra, Centerra, EqualLogic, PowerVault
  • Fujitsu: Eternus
  • Hitachi: G-series, VSP, USP, HUS, AMS
  • HPE: 3PAR, MSA, EVA, XP-series, LeftHand, StoreEver, StorageWorks

Server Maintenance

We know that stable and efficient servers are one of the most important things in a datacenters’ performance. To ensure our customers’ datacenters we regularly offer control and updates in our server service. We identify possible challenges before they occur and you avoid downtime.

At Nordic Computer we can service all leading servers and solving server problems quickly is always our highest priority. Our warehouse with more than 100,000 unique spare parts from leading brands guarantees a new part arriving with day-to-day delivery.

Green Icon Nordic Computer Services
  • HPE: ProLiant, Blade System, Integrity, HP9000, SuperDome
  • IBM: X-, P- og I-Series, Blade Center
  • Lenovo: ThinkSystem
  • SUN/Oracle: T-series, X-series, M-series, SPARC, Fire, Netra, Blade
  • Cisco: UCS
  • Dell: PowerEdge, Precision
  • Fujitsu: Primergy, Primepower, SPARC
  • Hitachi: ComputeBlade

Network Maintenance

With a network running 24/7/365, it is important to have around-the-clock network maintenance and support available. If an error on your network occurs, then fast on-site expertise is essential.

Nordic Computer offers a competent support team and with access to our multi-brand warehouse, your network error is solved quickly.

Icon services
  • HPE: Aruba, B-series
  • IBM: Network
  • Juniper: SRX, ISG, QFX, EX, J
  • Cisco: Catalyst, Nexus, MDS, Business
  • Broadcom: DCX-series, Silkwork, 5-series, 65-series, G6-series
  • Dell EMC: PowerSwitch, PowerConnect, C-series, S-series

End-of-Life Service

We offer our service until you no longer need it, so “end of service” is not something we practice. Nordic Computer offers an “end of life” service that ensures service during the entire life cycle. We even still do service on equipment categorized as “end of life” by manufacturers.

It can be frustrating to find the date when your datacenter hardware will no longer be supported by the OEMs. Download this free guide and get transparency on all major brands and models that either go or have gone End of Service Life (EOSL).

EOSL Guide
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As an example, we calculated CO2 savings for a big Danish business. The business bought two all-flash storage systems with a capacity of 500 TB, both refurbished in our workshop. As a result, the business saved the environment 52 tons of CO2 when choosing to reuse the equipment in the same period they could have bought completely new storage systems.

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You can save approx. 0 kg of CO2 by extending the life of your current IT system

CO2 REDUCE is an empirical algorithm, which is based on publicly available information about IT equipment's climate impact. In many cases, it concerns results from life cycle assessments, which manufacturers make available, but which are often made by third parties. In other cases, there are studies made by independent research institutions.

Read more about the algorithm here

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