The main goal at Nordic Computer is to contribute to a common sustainable development - financially, humanly, and environmentally. We do this by helping customers to extend the life cycle of IT infrastructure so that together we reduce CO2 in the business world. At the same time, we postpone new investments in IT equipment and save money.

Since 1979, Nordic Computer has worked with both public and private businesses, which have the common goal of wanting to optimize their IT budget.

At Nordic Computer we have Scandinavia's most skilled and flexible service departments. We service, maintain, and extend the lifecycle of datacenter equipment worldwide. Depending on your setup you will typically save between 50-70% by selecting us as your independent third-party maintenance partner compared to the manufacturer's service.

We support our customers' business by extending the life of datacenters through teamwork and sustainable development. This is done by buying, selling, and servicing IT infrastructure.

At Nordic Computer we care about our workplace culture and how we can help each other every day. 

Technitians working on configurations in technical department

Why Are We Called Nordic Computer?

We are called Nordic Computer because since we began in 1979, a computer was a big physical machine reserved for datacenters and very large companies. The word “computer” originates from Latin and means to “calculate” which is what servers did back then. Nordic Computer has “Computer” in our name because back then IT equipment was huge, which actually still corresponds well to the equipment we are still dealing with.

We Always Strive to Work in Line with Our Mission and Vision


We support a united, sustainable development - financially, humanly and environmentally by extending the life of IT infrastructure, thus reducing the footprint of business activities on the planet.


We want to be the most sustainable choice within sales and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Workplace Community

At Nordic Computer we focus on our working community. Research shows that a healthy work culture enhances well-being at the workplace and reduces and prevents stress.

Our workplace community is created through continuous dialogue and coordination of the core task. All work and all actions at Nordic Computer stem from the core task. That way, a common direction, and goal is ensured.

Employees working in the office on computers

Lars Juhl Frandsen, CEO

“We want to be regarded as a reliable and future-looking partner who through orderliness, quality and drive is driven by creating value for our customers. Nordic Computer focuses on creating a workplace where we are both professionally and personally driven by the idea of constantly getting better and more skilled. That is why we focus on and support initiatives for continuously upgrading and improving the competencies of our colleagues.”

Job Satisfaction

At Nordic Computer, job satisfaction is a prerequisite to development. If we cannot bring job satisfaction forward, we cannot succeed. We need to want to go to work, feel seen, and heard, and be able to do our job. We care that everyone knows what is expected from them and create an energy that motivates us in our work.

We care about creating a great workplace where we want to be better, be open, and learn from each other. A sense of security is crucial and creates the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and evolve. This is a top priority at Nordic Computer because it is a prerequisite to having a sustainable organization.

Product managers discussing new strategis for company


  • Orderliness – we show respect and keep our word
  • Drive – we show responsibility and solve the task at hand
  • Quality – we know the expectations and do no compromise with our deliverables
Technitian working behinf the computer in the technical department of Nordic Computer