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The Future Role of AI on Data Center Maintenance

  Data centers play a crucial role in the digital world. These facilities house vast amounts of data and computing power...

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Exploring the elements of CSRD

Every year, 40 million tons of electronic waste are generated. This amount of e-waste is equivalent to throwing away 800...

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Why Prolong the Life Cycle of Data Center Hardware?

Data center hardware has traditionally been subject to relatively short life cycles, often replaced every third year. In...

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What is ‘Right to Repair’ and What Does It Mean for Data Centers?


Breaking Down Cloud Repatriation: Why Are Firms Leaving Cloud?


Carbon Emissions Generated by Server Production and How to Reduce Them?

Today, we depend heavily on technology and electronic devices, and servers are one essential device that is used extensi...

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Nordic Computer Contributes to the UN SDGs

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword anymore – it's an essential requirement. Since climate change threatens our future ...

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Nordic Computer is Celebrating International Data Center Day

International Data Center Day is celebrated this year on 22 March to recognize the critical role of data centers in our ...

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Learn, Grow, Succeed: The Opportunities of an Internship with Nordic Computer

Are you a student or recent graduate looking to gain valuable experience in the IT industry? If so, you might be interes...

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Six Reasons to Consider TPM Providers over OEM Providers

Data center maintenance is a critical component of ensuring the uptime and optimal performance of your data center. Whi...

    EOSL Guide Download

    It can be frustrating to find the date when your datacenter hardware will no longer be supported by the OEMs. Download this free guide and get transparency on all major brands and models that either go or have gone End of Service Life (EOSL).

    EOSL Guide Download

    White Papers

    Read our white paper, in which we challenge 10 classic myths regarding Third Party Maintenance versus OEM Hardware Service – that cost you money every day.

    In most cases, the best way to minimize the climate impact of datacenter hardware is to keep it in operation for as long as possible. Our newly published white paper sheds light on the impact of re-using IT equipment that already works. Download it here.

    TPM vs. OEM - What to Choose? CO2 Reduce