CO2 REDUCE is an empirical algorithm, which is based on publicly available information about IT equipment's climate impact. In many cases, it concerns results from life cycle assessments, which manufacturers make available, but which are often made by third parties. In other cases, there are studies made by independent research institutions.

CO2 REDUCE is constructed as a bottom-up approach. But instead
of requiring a life-cycle assessment of each unit, it employs an
empirical model that is populated with the detailed climate-impact
data that are available at present. The data are either made publicly
available by manufacturers or through academic studies of specific

By categorizing the data center equipment according to hardware
type and applying some reasonable assumptions, CO2 REDUCE
extrapolates from the available dataset in order to cover all units.
The extrapolation for a specific unit is based on the most relevant
physical parameter for the category the unit is assigned to.


Specifically, CO2 REDUCE provides the foundation for
answering the pertinent questions:

  • What is the climate impact of our data center?
  • How does the manufacture phase contribute?
  • What types of equipment are the best/worst?
  • Can we decrease the impact by lifetime extension?
  • If yes, by how much?