Culture And Career at Nordic Computer

We view it as an important part of our business's core and culture to be continuously working with job satisfaction and look at the areas, where we can improve. We respect each other’s competencies and always welcome participation and influence.

The key to our success is founded in our employees’ competencies, and they are the reason we can deliver professional solutions. We wish to create a healthy work environment where everyone is satisfied. We have a professional approach to tasks and projects while also having fun. We want our employees to develop their skills and professional qualities through demanding and challenging tasks.

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Feel free to contact us whether you are applying for one of our posted positions or if you just want to know more about the types of job profiles we have at Nordic Computer.

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Unsolicited Applications

We gladly receive unsolicited applications. Send us your application and CV at and write a bit about yourself, the type of job you want, and what you can bring to Nordic Computer.

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Job Satisfaction

Every year, we undertake an anonymous job satisfaction survey where we measure factors that impact well-being in the workplace. It is a survey we take seriously and discuss in order to understand existing challenges and what we can do about them.

In fact, we are proud of our surveys. We measure 7 factors on a scale from 0-100 and are above average on all of them. We are especially proud of our score of 84 on “Trust”, which is measured between colleagues. We are also proud of our score of 86 when "Trust" is measured between colleagues and supervisors. These high scores say that we know where we have each other. It gives a high sense of security and allows room for errors.

Another factor which we are proud of is “employee participation” and especially the question about influence in solutions of tasks, where our score is 87. It is a great strength to have trust in each other and be able to plan assignments according to our personal and professional lives. 

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