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When we continuously keep buying new IT products, we are using scarce resources, raw materials, metals, transport, and packaging, again and again. Fortunately, together we can do something about it.

The saga surrounding IT equipment usually involves how quickly it gets too old and worn and therefore needs replacement. This is not necessarily the case. If we think of IT as a modular structure where it is possible to replace parts and thereby extend the life cycle, then there is no need for straining the budget or environment by producing something new. 

At Nordic Computer, sustainability matters a great deal and we consider it everywhere we can. We care about contributing to sustainable initiatives and we look for sustainable alternatives in all the company’s processes and routines.

For instance, our competent logistics and warehouse team have rethought multiple processes and are thinking green across our value chain.


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You can save approx. 0 kg of CO2 by extending the life of your current IT system

CO2 REDUCE is an empirical algorithm, which is based on publicly available information about IT equipment's climate impact. In many cases, it concerns results from life cycle assessments, which manufacturers make available, but which are often made by third parties. In other cases, there are studies made by independent research institutions.

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Helping You Reach Your Green Goals

Most businesses work with the green transition and CO2 reduction. Today, many businesses view sustainable initiatives as part of their image and profile.

At Nordic Computer we can calculate how much CO2 you can save by extending the life cycle of your current IT equipment, instead of replacing it with new products. To help our customers and partners and in collaboration with the company, we have developed the CO2 Reduce calculator using a complex algorithm. We can calculate how much CO2 you save the environment by keeping your current IT equipment, which we can assist in updating and extending its life. The calculation can make the decision about your IT setup easier and the numbers can be used in your sustainable profile.

Lifetime Extension Model, How lifetime extension can benefit your company

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  2. We calculate your planned IT investment in CO2 Reduce and look at how much your new IT equipment will burden the environment – prepare to be surprised!
  3. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and save money. You are guaranteed that your new IT equipment receives the necessary service and runs according to plan for the coming years
Datacenter Hardware in the testing facility of Nordic Computer

Carbon Avoidance

We all have a choice and together we can extend the life cycle of the IT equipment we already have and in turn, avoid producing more CO2. We can choose to avoid more CO2 discharge in the production phase of new IT, for example, because there is no reason to throw it out.

Besides the emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3 you have Scope 4 which refers to the reduction of emissions that happen outside the product's life cycle or value chain – when using the product. It can also be emissions from working from home that are avoided because there is no need for transport to work or use of more energy in a big office.

If you choose to extend the life of your hardware, you contribute to postponing the production of new IT equipment which on the whole reduces CO2 emissions.

If a business optimizes a product so that it emits less CO2 during the course of its lifecycle, then emissions can be reported in relation to producing the product, until the product reaches the user and thereafter. The estimated emissions are calculated based on what would be used during the product’s lifecycle. Thus, the total reduction takes place through optimizing the product and the emissions are now lower during the course of the lifecycle. The emissions avoided are what would have been the case had the product never been optimized.

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CO2 Savings Report

Curious about your company's environmental impact from data center hardware? Then dive into Nordic Computer's new CO2 reporting tool. It highlights potential reductions in your carbon footprint when you prolong the life cycle of your data center hardware - either by buying refurbished or through hardware maintenance.

Who should explore this?

Sustainability, finance, procurement, and C-level professionals within companies affected by EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive that entered into force from January 2024.

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CO2 Savings Campaign

Know Your Own CO2 Savings

At Nordic Computer, we understand the challenges this legislation may pose. We are here to support you in gaining insight into your data center equipment's carbon footprint and ensuring compliance.

When booking a meeting with one of our specialists, we can provide a report, highlighting potential reductions in your carbon footprint, if you prolong the life cycle of your data center hardware – either by buying refurbished or through a hardware maintenance agreement.

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Nordic Computer Climate Report

We are thrilled to present our inaugural Climate Report, a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate stewardship. Aligned with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD) and compliant with European Sustainability Reporting Standard E1 (ESRS) our report encapsulates the essence of our sustainable practices. Even though the ESRS framework will not encompass Nordic Computer directly, we are committed to following the standard that will be relevant for a large share of our corporate customers in the EU.

Delve into the contents of the climate report here

You will discover the strides we have made in reducing waste, lowering energy consumption, and fostering a circular economy within the realm of IT infrastructure. Our commitment to ESRS E1 reflects our dedication to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.


Lars Juhl Frandsen
CEO & Partner

LJF Climate

Examples of Our Own Green Initiatives - Warehouse and Logistics

  • We reuse all parcel fillers, such as Styrofoam, which means we have not bought any new ones for 5 years.
  • Our shredded paper fillers are 100% recycled and reused.
  • Bubble wrap is also reused.
  • Our cardboard boxes and wrapping paper are made from recycled material.
  • We reuse our pallets and ensure they are heat-treated, which is a more sustainable and safer option than chemical treatment.
  • Pallets that cannot be used are sold further to make other products, such as garden chips.
  • When packing pallets, we finish with a layer of wood to make them stackable to save as much space as possible during transportation, minimizing the need for multiple trucks.
  • In cooperation with our courier partners and customers, we try to minimize CO2 generated during the transportation of our products by offering green shipping and longer delivery option, as well as clarifying where parcels are going and how we can potentially minimize weight and volume.
  • We recycle e-waste in cooperation with Stena Recycling A/S.
  • We sort our waste and plastic into three fragments, making recycling general waste more efficient.

Examples of Our Own Green Initiatives - Offices and Technical Premises

  • We procure fair trade organic coffee for our coffee machines.
  • We will soon substitute regular trash cans with bins suitable for sorting waste and subsequent recycling.
  • We have optimized our operation and closed a small data center in our basement, resulting in monthly energy savings of 12-15,000 kWh.
  • We’re currently in the process of developing methodologies for quantifying the amount of CO2 saved during the above-mentioned practices. Besides, we strive to constantly improve on our path towards sustainable development through mutual learning and sharing sustainability best practices with our partners.
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  • Employees who can work from home are encouraged to do so as they save CO2 on transportation.
  • We strive to procure used or refurbished laptops, mobile phones and other electronics for our employees.
  • In order to minimize paper waste and promote digitalization, each of our employees will soon have one reusable business card made out of recycled plastic. A QR code on each business card can be easily scanned and contact information can be saved to clients’ or partners’ smartphones.
  • Employees are encouraged to take lunch leftovers home to prevent food waste.