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How to Save CO2 and Money on Your Datacenter Hardware

CO2 emissions are a global problem that damages our planet. Now, Nordic Computer can assist you in helping the climate.

Your company has probably already focus on reducing CO2 emissions.

Let Nordic Computer assist you in reaching that goal!

We know that the production of new IT equipment has a major negative impact on the climate. Together with our customers, we therefore have strong focus on reducing the CO2 emmision from IT equipment, and to do that we have developed the calculator CO2 REDUCE.

With CO2 REDUCE we calculate how much it helps your company's green accounting, if you keep your existing IT equipment running instead of investing in new equipment.


CO2 REDUCE is a complex algorithm that is developed in cooperation with the company that specializes in circular economy.

The algorithm calculates how much CO2 you save, if you prolong the life cycle of your existing IT equipment - a number that you can use in your company's green profile.

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