Refurbished Datacenter Hardware – Quality and Fast Delivery

We know that time and guarantee is high on our customers wishlist when it comes to updating IT hardware. That is also why we think day-to-day delivery throughout Europe with a 12-month warranty is crucial. Our warehouse is the largest in Scandinavia, which makes it possible to fulfill our customers' need for quality, safety and fast delivery. So if you need spare parts, upgrades or perhaps a complete system, we are ready to assist.

We provide a leading inventory of servers, storage and networks if your datacenter needs capacity expansion. If you need a disk extension for an older SAN-system, we can help with both equipment and installation within a few days. So if you need either spare parts, upgrades or maybe a complete system, we are ready to help with delivery.

Spare Parts Service (SPS)

Nordic Computer’s Spare Parts Service ensures high quality and delivery on time. Our big multi brand warehouse has more than 100,000 unique spare parts and our smaller warehouses guarantee one of the best Spare Parts Service on the market. Our customers all over the world praise our
precise delivery of spare parts.
When subscribing to our Spare Parts Service Agreement, you are guaranteed delivery of the necessary spare parts – in the agreed upon time. If you can replace the spare part yourself, you must do so.

Why Choose Spare Parts Service?

  • Transparent costs on spare parts consumption for your service agreements
  • OpEx vs CapEx
  • Simple sourcing model
  • Reduced warehouse and logistics costs
  • Nordic Computer will ensure the availability of correct spare parts
  • High flexibility. Assets can be added and removed from SPS on a monthly basis

Multi Brand Expertise

Extend the Life Cycle of Your Equipment and Postpone New Investments

There are many benefits of extending the life cycle of your hardware for your datacenter. This includes avoiding new expensive investments here and now and saving on the overall budget. When you buy refurbished hardware for your datacenter from Nordic Computer, it is thoroughly tested equipment from our state-of-the-art test center. If you need a completely refurbished system in the form of servers, storage or network equipment or extending your existing system, you can save both money and CO2.

Let Us Handle Your Used IT Hardware

If you have replaced parts of your hardware or want a different setup, you can sell us your used equipment. It’s a clever way to contribute to recycling and provides a subsidy for your next IT project.   All equipment we sell on as refurbished hardware are thoroughly tested, repaired and come with a 12-month warranty.

Call us on +45 7020 1979

Data Wiping

Nordic Computer ensures that all data used on hardware is deleted and handled correctly. If we have bought your used equipment, all data is properly wiped in accordance with current legislation and GDPR.

All non-usable hardware is disposed of according to ISO14001 and your old hardware becomes raw materials again.

  • Postpone new investments
  • Extend the life cycle of your datacenter
  • Scandinavia’s largest warehouse
  • State-of-the-art test center
Contact us for more info about extending the life cycle of your datacenter
  • Multi brand expertise
  • 12-month warranty
  • Skilled logistics and warehouse team that gives you safe shipping and timely delivery
  • Worldwide delivery